The humble beef burger has seen a great renaissance over the past couple of years.

Chef’s Choice beef burgers – it just doesn’t get any better! We’ve taken choice beef cuts, blended them with delicate herbs and spices, then formed into chef’s quality, full-flavoured beef burgers. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients including premium grass-fed beef that is always hormone free.

Chef’s Choice beef burgers are superior in taste, texture and bun coverage. They will have your customers coming back for more. 

Chef’s Choice burgers are traditional crowd pleasers, delivering taste perfection! It’s no secret that beef burgers are a much loved menu item. They have broad appeal and are a perfect menu choice for cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs and more. 

We understand how busy kitchens get and the demands chefs are under. Our Chef’s Choice burgers are conveniently par-cooked and individually quick-frozen saving you time so you can focus on keeping your customers happy.

What makes our Chef’s burger range even more convenient is they are oven, hot plate and microwave ready.

Our premium beef burger patty’s are available in 100g, 120g and 180g portion sizes.

Please contact us on 1300 781 555 to request a presentation and sample of our delicious burgers and find out more information here.