The unmistakable taste and mouthfeel of butter has made it a cornerstone ingredient of the commercial kitchen, one that simply can’t be substituted. And for chefs, the terrific taste and texture of butter is complemented by its versatility as a cooking ingredient.

In recent years chefs and foodservice professionals across the nation have been rediscovering the joys of butter – and gaining a renewed appreciation of its value as a natural product made from churned cream and free from additives. Butter is the ideal way to impart distinctive, irreplaceable flavour, mouthfeel and texture to meals drawn from all parts of the menu.

As a versatile flavour enhancer, butter simply can’t be beaten. It makes everything taste good and can be used for a wide variety of applications, from spreading on toast for breakfast, to a flavoursome frying medium, a base for complex sauces and an essential baking ingredient. A protein pan-fried in butter will have a distinctive aroma and taste that can’t be matched by a bland processed oil alternative.

As Australia’s favourite butter brand, Western Star offers a comprehensive range of products to meet all the needs of today’s highly competitive foodservice market. From salted and unsalted 1.5kg Butter Packs, to hygienically sealed Portion Control packs for single-serve convenience, along with Medallions which are on trend for restaurants, cafes and function catering, Western Star provides all you need in quality butter – a staple ingredient that makes everything taste better.

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