Launching nationally through major foodservice distributors, Bulla’s new Australian style yoghurt is now in a convenient 100g cup. Available in Natural and Strawberry, our yoghurt is made with fresh Australian milk and cream delivered daily from local farms.

Bulla Family Dairy remains one of Australia’s largest family-owned dairy companies, taking pride in its long-standing history and local heritage. We have been involved in the Foodservice business since 1910, supplying quality dairy products to businesses across Australia via a dedicated Foodservice distributor network including independent distributors and national distribution groups.

What is Australian style yoghurt?

A uniquely Australian yoghurt smoother than Greek yoghurt and thicker than regular yoghurt. Crafted using fresh Australian milk and cream, the natural yoghurt contains no added sugar and is made using Australian grown cultures to give it an even, balanced flavour. To make our Strawberry yoghurt, we use Australian grown strawberries blended through our natural base, giving it just the right amount of sweetness.

When developing our new Australian style yoghurt, we consciously chose to make sure our packaging was 100% recyclable and sourced in Australia by local packaging suppliers.

New Bulla Australian style yoghurt is high in calcium, a good source of protein and preservative free. Perfectly portioned into convenient 100g cups, they are ready to serve for breakfast, as a snack or even a healthy dessert!

When we asked customers to rank what was important to them when consuming yoghurt, they told us taste is the most important driver, closely followed by locally made and creamy texture. A low sugar option was also important when choosing a yoghurt to have as a snack. (Qualtrics Australian Style Yoghurt Quantitative Study October 2020)

Our Australian style yoghurt delivers to these customer needs. To make the best quality yoghurt, you need to start with the best quality milk, which we source fresh daily.

To find out more, head to to request a brochure and get in touch with our team who can help you add Australian style yoghurt to your next order.

Available now through all major distributors.