After holding back from releasing a new sweet potato chip into the market so the team could devote resources into creating the best possible chip from Australian grown sweet potatoes, Edgell’s latest innovation is now available.

David White, Executive Chef at Simplot Australia is confident that the result is set to be the new market front-runner. “It was always our goal to use Australian sweet potato rather than imported product because we saw that as an important point of difference,” he says.

“Having delivered that, along with a superior coating and fantastic colour and taste makes this a real winner. We’ve gone with a 10mm Ultrafast cut which delivers the best of both worlds — it offers really good yield along with the flavour intensity of a thicker chip. At the same time you get a quick cook time, good temperature retention and the right amount of sweet potato to ensure well-rounded flavour.”

The added benefit that Edgell Sweet Potato Chips boast over competitor product is their superior hold – thanks to Simplot’s quality delivery style batter, developed using the latest technology to ensure it’s the best batter available to the market today.

“It’s based on the same batter we’ve used for our new Delivery Potato Chip which we say is ‘crunchy to the last bite’ and for which we’ve attained a 40 minute hold during the delivery window,” David says. “As sweet potato contains more moisture to start with than regular potato, the hold time is necessarily lower, but we still wanted to make it as high as we could. Our Sweet Potato Chips deliver exceptional hold time and certainly rival every other sweet potato chip on the market.”