When it comes to choosing chest freezer storage for your venue, quality is key.

High-insulating materials, highly efficient compressors and refrigerants as well as precision electronic control systems will ensure outstanding refrigeration capacity, even in extreme conditions.

Liebherr are experts in chest freezer storage and their products provide a highly efficient and economical solution for hospitality businesses.

Not only are they high-quality and highly efficient, Liebherr’s German-designed range of chest freezers can help boost sales with the ability to customise branding to encourage impulse buying.

In an effort to continue leading the market, Liebherr have made a series of improvements to its chest freezer products this year, as well as the addition of two new models.

A new internal, digital temperature display allows you to set the required operational temperature, while lockable castor rollers improve maneuverability and security.

The chest freezers feature a new lid design for improved product presentation and a new condenser design means less airspace is required around the freezer and it is quieter in operation.

Liebherr has also updated its insulation and compressor technology to improve energy consumption by approximately 15 per cent.

The improved products, along with two new models, can be vinyl wrapped in custom designs to create an eye-catching display and help increase brand awareness.

To explore the full product range, head to the Liebherr website.