Having a piece of cooking equipment ‘out of order’ can be a major problem for commercial kitchens. The business incurs the cost of the service technician call out to fix the unit, which also disturbs the flow of the kitchen. There can also be a loss in revenue from reduced cooking output or inability to cook certain meals on your menu.

Making a wise choice in your main modular cooking lineup purchase – alongside regular equipment maintenance – will greatly reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Choose American Range modular cooking equipment for top performance, reliability, and peace of mind for your daily operations.

About American Range

American Range is a heavy-duty commercial kitchen equipment range, designed for busy commercial kitchen environments. American Range products are installed in kitchens across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

The range is predominantly gas powered, making it a cost-effective choice for ongoing running costs.  

What makes American Range more reliable?

A notable feature of American Range cooking equipment that can prevent equipment downtime is the efficient “Cirsonic” gas burners. These have been specifically designed for added reliability to ensure that pilot light blockages do not occur.

The reversible cast iron burners on the burner ranges are easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance. All the doors on the American Range ovens can be removed for easy cleaning.

The components on the American Range units, such as knobs and door hinges, are constructed to the highest standard to prevent deterioration and breakage.

The American Range modular range

The American Range equipment range includes static oven ranges in 24”, 36” and 60” sizes with a range of configurations to suit your unique cooking requirements. The static ovens in the 36” can be swapped out for ‘Innovection™ ovens’, which offers a faster cook time from the air distribution system inside the oven chamber.

Heavy duty boiling tops, griddles, char grills, griddle/salamander combination and fryers are also part of the range in a range of sizes.

Experience American Range equipment first-hand with a complimentary Product Demo hosted in a Stoddart state demo kitchen. Express your interest online at https://stoddart.com.au/book-a-demo

View the American Range products online at https://stoddart.com.au/american-range-commercial-cooking-equipment