Developed for use by bakers, pâtissiers and pastry chefs, Anchor Butter Sheets are the perfect choice for making croissants, danishes and layered pastries. They’re also ideal for vol-au-vents, pies and a wide variety of cakes and cookies.

Anchor Butter Sheets have been designed to deliver consistent performance in controlled temperature environments (18-22ºC) and provide excellent lamination, making it easy to create deliciously crisp, flaky pastry with that rich, authentic butter flavour that your customers love.

These conveniently-sized lamination sheets are made from specialty pastry butter containing 83 per cent milk fat with no chemical processing or additives.

Their thin format allows for rapid tempering, and they won’t soften too fast nor will they oil out at higher proofing temperatures.

Anchor Butter Sheets are flexible and easy to work with, making it simple to create the perfect pastry every time.

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