Business owners with bar facilities want to get the most efficient bar service possible, especially on busy nights.

While it can be relatively easy with beer and wine on tap, it can be a bit more chaotic over at the cocktail station.

With a bit of preparation and smart thinking, you can create an organised and efficient cocktail workstation with the Simply Stainless Bar Solutions range that will get more cocktails into customer’s hands and increase sales.

1. Everything needs to have a home

They say a tidy desk is the sign of a tidy mind. This is also true of your cocktail station operations.

Having a tidy workstation with places for cocktail ingredients and garnishes is key to creating an organised cocktail station.

The Simply Stainless Cocktail Station features a number of sections on the sides to organise garnishes and ingredients, an insulated ice bucket in the middle and a speed rack for storing frequented spirit and liqueur bottles.

It is also helpful to have organised storage for consumables behind the bar such as straws and serviettes.

2. A blender station is your friend

Frozen drinks like margaritas are always popular, and a blender station next to your cocktail station keeps all the tools you need to make a variety of drinks at your fingertips.

The Simply Stainless Blender Station is a dedicated bench to keep your blenders, which features a set down area for glasses and includes a drop-in fabricated stainless-steel hand basin.

3. Keep frequently used items close by

You might not use your muddler for every drink, but you want it close by when you do.

Frequently used items should be kept in close proximity to your cocktail workstation. Whether you keep them in a jar, a plastic container, a GN pan – just keep them together.

There are some great cocktail mixology kits on the market that come with a custom stand to hold all of your cocktail making equipment.

4. Keep clean glasses at the ready

The Simply Stainless Single Bar Module with Basket Racks is a great option to include in your bar benching design – with Simply Stainless Single Bar Modules also available – to keep clean glasses close to your cocktail workstation.

The Simply Stainless Single Glass Rinser is also helpful to keep alongside your cocktail station, to quickly rinse and clean cocktail shakers.

True organisation starts from the bar design – let Stoddart help!

Be proactive and create a complete bar solution that will serve your business for years to come.

The Simply Stainless Bar Solutions range includes benches, cocktail stations, blender stations, beer stations and a number of other accessories to complement your back-bar service.

Send your existing bar design to and we will convert it to the Simply Stainless Modular Bar System.