The pizza industry is going from strength to strength as more venues add pizza to their menus. Coupled with the growing popularity of delivery platforms, venues need time-saving solutions and user-friendly systems that allow any operator to cook pizza even without ‘pizzaiolo’ knowledge. For more than 25 years, Marana Forni® has been reshaping the pizza industry through its technologically advanced ovens. Ferdinando Marana built and patented the first SU&GIU® rotary oven for pizza in 1992, which features a cooking deck that lifts towards the dome while rotating.

Initially, Marana developed the technology to assist pizza chefs in producing a consistent and quality product and to help reduce the long waiting times at pizzerias. Now the SU&GIU® feature is used in a range of hospitality venues, including pizzerias, restaurants, pubs, take away and fast-casual style outlets. The newest addition to the Marana Forni® range is the GENIUS ROTATING OVEN, which has been created to further optimise and simplify the pizza cooking process. GENIUS is a fully automated oven that uses algorithms based on the four basic values of cooking pizza that program the cooking deck to turn once only and cook a pizza perfectly: the temperature of the oven, the height of the flame, the temperature of the cooking deck and the cooking time. It is suitable for any type of pizza, including traditional Neapolitan, Roman, New York-style and pizza by the metre.

The GENIUS ROTATING OVEN helps reduce operational costs for any hospitality business. The oven also ensures increased production and consistency in performance, making it the perfect tool for chefs to help produce high volumes of pizza without compromising on quality. Despite its advanced technology, GENIUS features a traditional yet simple design to suit any kitchen. Shield Street Eats in Queensland is the first restaurant in Australia to own a GENIUS oven. “We found the oven is built incredibly well, once it reaches its temperature, the oven has consistent cooking times, and holds its heat during peak times and busy service” says Jamie Larson from Shield Street Eats.

Marana Forni® ovens are manufactured in Verona, Italy, and come in a range of sizes and designs. They can be powered by wood, gas or a combination of both. Also available is the Napule’ static oven endorsed by the Association of Verace Pizza Napoletana. Marana Forni Australia is the sole importer of Marana Forni ovens (including AGA Gas Certified), supporting clients from sales to installation and all technical and after-sales care. We sell ovens in more than 75 countries worldwide and are certified to suit local standards.

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