Dairy Farmers Cream Cheese is the secret ingredient in a wide range of desserts from Basque cheesecake to tiramisu, cherry clafoutis, and apple and cream cheese strudel thanks to its mild, fresh flavour and rich creamy texture.

“In today’s ultra-competitive foodservice marketplace, it’s more important than ever to ensure the standard of your desserts meets the expectations of customers,” says chef Adam Moore.

“To do this, you need to choose ingredients you can rely on to deliver consistently high quality.”

The cream cheese can be used as a rich frosting to top chocolate gateaux or add extra dimension to muffins, tartlets, danishes, and sweetbreads.

It can even be added to cold dessert soups such as chilled cherry – no matter what you use it in, Dairy Farmers Cream Cheese will impart a delicious something extra to your dessert offerings.

“Dairy Farmers Cream Cheese is a fantastically versatile ingredient, so it’s no wonder it’s a key component in numerous dessert recipes,” says Moore.

“It’s firm enough to ensure consistent presentation and hold and will always complement but never overwhelm the other flavours of the dish.

“It’s the ideal choice for many baking and patisserie applications such as filling for muffins and scones, in cookies and banana bread, and in both sweet and savoury quiches.

“You can also easily use it as a savoury filling or spread, or complement it with other ingredients to make sauces or dips for entrees and mains.”

Make sure you always have some extra packs of Dairy Farmers Cream Cheese on hand – you’ll find its quality is matched only by its versatility.

You can also find other useful dessert ingredients in the extensive Dairy Farmers range – including Dairy Farmers Buttermilk, which is highly regarded for its uniquely tangy flavour.

It’s the perfect choice for pancakes, crepes, waffles, tarts, cakes, pies, pecan pie, shortcake, ice cream, and more – the only real limit is a chef’s imagination!

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