Australian Mushrooms has teamed up with Nutrition Research Australia to uncover ways the humble Aussie mushroom could solve some of the nation’s biggest nutrition problems in a new nutrition education program.

With the Australian Food Industry representing around $172 Billion AUD (1), the industry has a profound influence on the nation’s overall health. The Australian Mushrooms research program will engage key players in the food industry, including Hospitals, Aged Care, Quick Service Restaurants and Food Manufacturers to identify opportunities for Australian mushrooms to be included in menus, to improve health outcomes.

Before the program kicks off, Australian Mushrooms would like to find out what the current level of mushroom usage and knowledge is within the industry, and is calling on food industry professionals to take part in a quick 5 minute survey.

By completing the survey, participants will have the chance to win one of five $100 Visa Gift Cards, and will pass on valuable insights to the mushroom growers and nutrition researchers, aiming to improve the health of Aussies. 

So, foodies, how do you use Aussie mushrooms, and what do you know about the mighty mushroom? 

Take the Australian mushrooms survey here: 

Answers are anonymous and estimated time to complete the survey is less than 5 minutes. This is also an opportunity to help local mushroom growers in their latest nutrition education project, and become part of the Australian mushroom growers community.