Food presentation enhances your guest experience! Satisfied guests are raving fans!  Food presented well creates great experiences, memories that will last, and they will be back again to your property!

Food and cleanliness is top of the list for hotel amenities. Everything revolves around food.  Top Shelf Concepts is the industry leader in food presentation to enhance your guest experience.

Food presentation solutions to enhance your guest experience

We have innovative products that help you save time and increase your reputation. From drinks in the lobby, to your breakfast buffet, in-room dining, poolside events, through to conferencing and corporate stints, we have the right equipment to keep competitive, food safe, and sustainable — all with durability and a small footprint.

Clean and inviting food stations and buffets for leisure and pleasure means Revenue for your property. Paying guests, visitors and facility users rightly expect the food to be pristine at all times.

Profitable hospitality is all about improving the presentation, portions, and meeting sustainable goals all at once!

Having the right equipment means that you can sustain your high-quality service with less labour.  This is important with the current labour shortages in the hospitality industry.

Giving your operatives equipment that reduces these risks is therefore advisable, and today’s buffet equipment offer not only better results, but also increase safety too.

Lighter, smaller footprint, higher visibility, and easier to maneuver, fast set up, with the added flexibility of uses. 

Transform from a breakfast setting to a lunch buffet, right through to a chic cocktail evening presentation or mini- bar – customise to serve for any event or function. 

Quiet service is at the top of the list for clients and guests who do not want to be disturbed by noisy crockery, and dishes. 

Hotels, pubs and clubs need buffet equipment that is durable and easy to set up – facility’s that are always looking and performing at their best, enhancing the visitor experience for guests or delegates.

Beautiful food presentation for functions and events encourages repeat business, and therefore a strong growth in revenue. 

Countless smart operators and food professionals have proven that they just can’t afford not to invest in buffet equipment that adds the wow factor, at the same time meeting food standards. Effectively use your space with vertical and horizontal serving.

Health and safety matters are also important, not only for food and beverage managers, but also for guests and other staff members or visitors. 

Did you know people eat with their eyes?

First impressions matter and our buffets and food stations create an impact, with quality design that enhances your venue and brand. Our high-quality display cases are designed to keep food as fresh as possible, while creating an eye-catching display.

There is no doubt that running a profitable food service operation isn’t easy.  Guest numbers can fluctuate from week to week, and hour to hour, and you need to be prepared for busy days, quiet times, and weekend peaks. 

Variables like these make it difficult to manage costs – especially food.  The margin for error is small and potential for loss large, however with the right tools, and equipment, and processes in place, food costs can be managed and improved each month.

Visual impact

Top Shelf prides itself on creative, high-quality service solutions.  Towering buffet risers, elegant platters, and attractive yet efficient dispensers are just a few of the products that can assist in keeping your service area looking stylish.

Cost effectiveness

Attractive displays that use buffet space thoughtfully can eliminate the need for an overproduction of food, while retaining that mouth-watering appearance of abundance, with less staff due to less monitoring and maintenance. 

Quality and durability

At Top Shelf Concepts we purvey only the highest quality products, crafted from superior and innovative materials, and provide you with efficiency and reliability over time.  There’s no doubt that food and beverage in hotels and motels must stand up to a lot of harsh treatment, so serving and presenting food has to be regarded and thought through in order to maintain a high standard that guests and clients expect.

However, with such a wide range of food presentation equipment available, catering for every need and event, this is perfectly achievable, ensuring that your guests will always receive a warm welcome.