Being the foundation of most culinary applications, cooking oil is an essential necessity in your kitchen. Not only do foodservice venues need to ensure that they receive the best quality cooking oils, but also secure a guaranteed supply of it. Working with a dedicated oil supplier like Cookers makes sure your venue never runs out of this critical ingredient.

As a hospitality business using large volumes of cooking oil regularly; handling and managing oil safely, efficiently and sustainably can become a tedious task. From the risks of handling hot oil, to dealing with manual labour, slips, and unsafe disposal of used cooking oil, it can be a serious workplace hazard.

Moving away from traditional oil management practices, here’s why Aussie hospitality businesses are choosing to use Bulk Cooking Oil Management Services.

Increases your staff efficiency

Convenience is key in a busy kitchen, and the last thing you’ll want is for your staff to be preoccupied with changing oil manually. Removal of used cooking oil and cleaning up fryers physically can be time consuming, but with Cookers Bulk Cooking Oil Management Service, you get dedicated storage units for storing your fresh and used cooking oil which ensures that less manual handling is involved.

Improves your workplace safety

Handling cooking oil manually can get messy and risky if not done professionally, leading to workplace injuries and associated liabilities. However, working with a cooking oil specialist like Cookers not only helps improve your workplace efficiency, but also workplace safety, by having professionally trained staff deliver & collect cooking oil from your venue on a scheduled basis.

Disposes your cooking oil sustainably

By partnering with an environmentally conscious business like Cookers, not only are you disposing your used cooking oil safely but also sustainably. To help venue’s be more responsible, Cookers collects, refines and recycles your used cooking oil, thus saving it from ending up in rivers, oceans and other water bodies.

Helps you be more environmentally conscious

Cookers Bulk Cooking Oil Management System eliminates any packaging associated with storing & disposing cooking oils. When you choose to work with Cookers, not only are you reducing your carbon footprint but also helping reduce the oil packaging waste that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

Being a streamlined service, Cookers takes care of everything right from delivering the freshest cooking oil available in Australia directly to your venue, to collecting the used cooking oil for recycling and repurposing in other industries like Biofuel and animal feedstock—hence closing the loop on oil waste. 

With the help of dedicated trucks delivering and collecting your cooking oil on a scheduled basis with minimal disruption, Cookers takes the load off you!

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