Drawing upon our extensive experience gleaned from kitchens across the globe, Universal Dairy Foods has been meticulously crafted to provide consistently good products everyday.

Launched under the Pure Dairy Foodservice umbrella, Universal Dairy Foods boldly stands out as a brand that exudes unmistakable confidence, tailored explicitly for the foodservice industry. Created to elevate your menu offerings, our new range boasts an array of great products, including shredded mozzarella, tasty cheddar, mexishred blend, finely shredded gouda, and grated parmesan style, with more exciting additions on the horizon.

A true standout within our range is the Universal Shredded mozzarella. It’s renowned for its creamy texture, mild yet distinctive flavour, and its consistent ability to blister and cover dishes flawlessly. This mozzarella is the quintessential choice for elevating the flavours of your pizzas, lasagnes and a variety of other dishes.

Recent market trials conducted across different pizza establishments have shown that our mozzarella’s evenness, reliability and consistency in melting properties surpass those of other brands. Notably, it yields a superior return, ensuring visually appealing, evenly covered golden brown pizzas without any sogginess on the crust or undesirable floury aftertaste. 

Its supple texture lends the cheese an impressive stretch and pull, guaranteeing a delightful eating experience, making it an absolute crowd-pleaser.

Furthermore, it performs consistently across diverse temperature ranges, effortlessly adapting to various oven types, whether it’s a standard impinger, fast bake impinger, or even a woodfired oven.

Oven performance matrix

Oven typeTemp rangeTime rangeQuality
Standard Impinger260-285C6-7.15 MinsExcellent
Fast Bake Impinger260-285C3-4 MinsExcellent
Woodfire260-285C1.5-3 MinsExcellent

For more information on the full range of Universal Dairy Foods, please visit; https://www.puredairyfoodservice.com/