Cauli-Blossom® is an exciting new vegetable distributed exclusively by Perfection Fresh Australia. With tall, tender stems and delicate florets it’s quite possibly the world’s most beautiful vegetable. It’s got a sweet and nutty flavour, with a crunchy stem that turns a vibrant bright green when cooked.

How to prepare Cauli-Blossom®

This pretty veggie is entirely edible and needs little prep. Cook on a high heat and for a short amount of time to keep its nutrition and sweet flavour. Cauli-Blossom® takes minutes to cook and is a versatile vegetable that suits all cooking methods. It can be grilled, roasted, steamed, blanched, barbequed, stir fried, pickled, or even eaten raw.

Cauli-Blossom® flavour pairings

From a wide range of proteins to aromats, spices, and other vegetables, Cauli-Blossom® is the easy-to-prep, versatile veggie that works with pretty much every cuisine. It pairs deliciously well with chilli, lemon, garlic, anchovy, miso, and herbs. Fragrant spices like cumin, carraway, and coriander also pair well with Cauli-Blossom®, and so do Asian seasonings like soy, sesame oil, and oyster sauce. Find lots of delicious recipe inspiration on our website.

Cauli-Blossom® availability

Cauli-Blossom® is available in two formats, designed specifically for the hospitality sector. Purchase it as whole heads in a pack of 6, or buy it pre-cut in 2 kg packs.

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