With labour and skills shortages a fact of life in today’s foodservice market, it’s no wonder more and more operators are looking for convenient, versatile products which will reduce the workload in the kitchen while satisfying customers and keeping them coming back.

Seafood is always a popular choice on foodservice menu, so these time and labour saving products from Simplot Foodservice tick all the boxes:

I&J Classic Salt & Pepper Squid provides a convenient way to add more versatility to the seafood menu. With its classic salt and pepper coating flavour profile, it’s ideal as a takeaway treat, entrée or main, as well as in finger food platters, snacking plates and seafood baskets.

For a high-end option, choose I&J Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Squid which comes in a premium coating of cracked black pepper and salt. Evoking the look of ‘from scratch’ preparation, it features visible black pepper flecks to enhance both appearance and flavour.

Both products are made from Bartramii squid which is highly regarded for its tenderness, blemish-free white flesh and mild yet satisfying flavour. The squid has been hand-sliced in the classic ‘pineapple cut’ style, which not only ensures appealing presentation but also tenderises the squid and sees greater batter adherence so the coating won’t flake off once in the deep fryer.

With a frozen shelf life of up to 18 months, they cook in just three minutes from frozen and are portion controlled to eliminate wastage.

I&J Panko Crumb Natural Squid Rings are another winning product that delivers consistent quality every time. Made from tender, natural squid encased in batter and then coated in a crispy panko crumb, they’re a versatile solution suitable as a side or main, or even served in a taco with your customer’s favourite fillings. 

For more information on these and the other quality seafood products available from I&J visit http://www.simplotfoodservice.com.au/brand/i-and-j