Smiling female food vendor offering sandwiches and burgers in food van.

Mobile food businesses are the rock stars of the hospitality industry. With their roaming kitchens on wheels, they party to life with delicious culinary delights.

But as mobile food truck operators will tell you, running a mobile food business is not always easy – nor without its risks. This is why business insurance* is a very popular choice for many mobile food business operators.

As a mobile food operator you may encounter several types of risks during your operations including:

  • The pop-up roof on your mobile food van falling to cause injury to customers.
  • Customers experiencing food poisoning.
  • Hot spills causing burns.
  • Foreign objects being found in the food you serve.
  • Customer’s property being damaged.

However, the good news is that the impact of such incidents can be managed with business insurance. Different cover options to consider include public Liability, Product Liability, and Business Insurance Packs to best fit your coverage needs.  

The game-changer when things go wrong

No matter how cautious you are, accidents can happen. Consider the following claim** faced by a food truck owner and how business insurance helped them to continue to run their food truck business.

A mobile coffee van was attending a food festival and served a coffee without putting the lid on correctly. When the customer went to sip the coffee, the lid fell off and the boiling hot liquid spilled down their front, causing burns.

The customer claimed and was awarded $2,500 for medical expenses and damages. The coffee van owner’s public liability policy covered them for this cost, as well as the legal expenses that were incurred.

Keep your cool when it gets hot in the kitchen

Running a mobile food business can be hectic at times, but remember, having business insurance is like having a reliable friend. It helps you bounce back faster following a claim, which means you can get back to business faster and with a lot less hassle.

Make business insurance fast and easy with BizCover

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