Revolutionise your kitchen with Halton’s cutting-edge ventilation systems for a safer, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly workplace.

Proper ventilation is a critical aspect of any professional kitchen environment, ensuring safety, comfort, and productivity. Halton, the global leader in commercial kitchen ventilation systems, offers a range of innovative solutions that can revolutionise your kitchen. By incorporating Halton’s cutting-edge ventilation systems early in the design process, you can create a workspace that is not only conducive to efficient cooking but also promotes energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Halton and Stoddart provide the ultimate solution by combining safety, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, air purification, and system control. By involving our ideas and technologies during the design stage, you can implement intelligent solutions that deliver exceptional results.

We collaborate closely with kitchen design consultants and mechanical design consultants to address the unique challenges of each kitchen design and building ventilation requirement. Our local engineering and manufacturing capabilities ensure quick response times and efficient delivery, helping you keep your projects on schedule and within budget.

Halton’s proprietary kitchen exhaust hoods and ventilated ceilings are manufactured in Australia by Stoddart under licence. These products can be tailored to meet your specific requirements while adhering to internationally proven and accredited designs.

Stoddart produces a wide range of Halton products, including Capture Jet™ canopies, ventilated ceilings, Pollustops™ air purification solutions, demand-based kitchen ventilation systems (MARVEL™), and Mobichef™ units. Furthermore, Stoddart can source other Halton products or collaborate with Halton to develop new solutions specifically tailored to the dynamic market.

One key advantage of Halton’s ventilation systems is improved safety. Effective ventilation helps remove smoke, grease, and odours from the kitchen, reducing the risk of fire hazards and creating a healthier working environment for kitchen staff. Halton’s Capture Jet™ canopies are particularly effective in capturing cooking fumes at the source, ensuring that they are not spread throughout the kitchen.

In addition to safety, Halton’s solutions are designed to be energy efficient. The demand-based kitchen ventilation system, MARVEL™, adjusts ventilation rates based on real-time cooking activities, optimising energy usage and reducing operating costs. This intelligent system ensures that ventilation is provided precisely when and where it is needed, without wasting energy on empty or low-activity areas.

Halton’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in their air purification solutions, such as Pollustops™. These systems utilise advanced filtration technology to remove harmful particles and contaminants from the air, contributing to a healthier kitchen environment and reducing the impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

Choose Halton kitchen ventilation and exhaust systems to ensure a safer, more energy-efficient, and productive professional kitchen environment. Contact Stoddart today to discover how our solutions can enhance your kitchen design and ventilation strategy.

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