When it comes to dining out, your customers cherish the experience of savouring a delicious meal, not the frustration of waiting in a lengthy queue to settle the bill. To ensure your patrons leave with a smile and a sense of ease, consider tableside payments through innovative solutions like Tyro’s Pay@Table.

Introducing Pay@Table

Pay@Table is a versatile payment solution that empowers your customers to settle their bills directly at their dining table. What sets it apart is its seamless integration with various POS systems, utilising mobile EFTPOS machines to facilitate payments right at the customer’s table or anywhere else within your establishment.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  1. A member of staff prints the bill and delivers it to the customer’s table, accompanied by a Tyro Pro EFTPOS machine.
  2. While the customer reviews the bill, the staff member enters the table number and their staff ID on the Tyro Pro.
  3. The customer then has the flexibility to pay the entire amount or split it with their companions, all with just a few simple taps.
  4. An on-screen prompt invites the customer to leave a tip before proceeding with the payment.
  5. Once the payment is completed, a receipt is generated, and your POS system is updated automatically.

Why customers love Pay@Table

From the customer’s perspective, Pay@Table offers a hassle-free way to conclude their dining experience. Gone are the days of leaving their seat or watching a waiter disappear with their credit card to complete the payment at the till. Even splitting bills becomes effortless, eliminating the awkwardness of IOUs.

Moreover, Pay@Table instills a sense of security. Customers can rest assured that their credit card never leaves their possession, guaranteeing the safety of their personal and card information.

Allows diners to select their share of the bill

Groups of friends often prefer splitting the bill, ensuring each diner only pays for what they consumed. Pay@Table caters to this need, allowing diners to input their share of the bill, accommodating various preferences within the group. For instance, if two people at a table of six indulged in an expensive bottle of wine while the others opted for sparkling water, Pay@Table enables a fair and personalised split.

Additionally, tipping becomes a breeze for your patrons. Each payer has the option to leave a tip, with the freedom to determine the amount they wish to contribute.

Advantages for your establishment

Implementing Pay@Table streamlines your operations and enhances the dining experience:

  • Your waitstaff can focus on providing exceptional customer service rather than shuttling back and forth to process credit card payments at the till.
  • If you have multiple Tyro Pro machines in use, several tables can settle their bills simultaneously, increasing table turnover and boosting efficiency.

By embracing Pay@Table, you not only delight your customers but also elevate the overall dining experience while improving the operational efficiency of your establishment.

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1 Tyro’s Pay@Table feature is only available where the POS/PMS supports the integration.