Synergy Grill is revolutionising the hospitality industry with pioneering and award-winning technology.

Now exclusively imported and distributed in Australia by Stoddart, the Synergy grill features a range of cooking innovations including high power and low energy consumption and enabling faster food preparation while significantly reducing energy costs when compared to equivalent char grills.

All Synergy grills now come with SMART control technology. These new controllers will place your grill onto a rapid heat up stage for 30 minutes to allow the grill to reach the cooking temperature faster.

After, it will automatically adjust to whatever your desired set temperature is. For the electric units, the digital display shows not only your desired setting but also the temperature the grill has currently reached. The tactile buttons allow you to control the unit in one degree Celsius increments, giving you full control over your cooking experience.

The Synergy grill creates less potent smoke, allowing staff to work in a cleaner, less polluted environment all while severely reducing CO² emissions with no gas consumption.

An innovative concealed element is used for increased durability and longevity that uses Vortex air technology combined with a 20mm composite heating plate to deliver exceptional heat distribution.

Say goodbye to cleaning fat trays – the Synergy grill vaporises the fat, returning natural oils to the food, which improves the taste and texture of grilled foods. Any remnants are easily brushed or vacuumed out from the grill. 

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