For more than 22 years, Cookers Bulk Oil has strived to reduce its impact on the environment while keeping sustainability at the core of its operations.

Being Australia’s preferred bulk cooking oil supplier, Cookers has taken upon themselves to minimise their impact on the environment at every step of the supply chain. Along with reducing the amount of waste they create, the business ensures that their running operations are also made as sustainable as possible. 

Cooking oil is an essential ingredient in a commercial kitchen environment. With service kitchens being excessively busy, it is vital to have a convenient oil management system.

Specialising in delivering fresh cooking oil and collecting used cooking oil nationally, Cookers provides a complete oil management solution across the food service and hospitality industries.

Their end-to-end solution starts with sourcing the freshest cooking oils available in Australia. Oils are then delivered to customer venues via a dedicated fleet of Silver tankers. Taking further responsibility of creating a sustainable and safe workplace, they provide custom built food grade stainless steel storage units on a free loan basis to their clients.

Fresh cooking oils are stored in user-friendly mobile units which eliminate the need for lifting heavy 20Ltr tins or boxes. Similarly, Cookers also provides used cooking oil storage units which eliminates the need to manually handle hot oils.

Used cooking oil is later picked up by another fleet of dedicated Blue tankers and given a second life in industries like Biofuel and Animal Feedstock, creating a closed loop oil lifecycle.

This practice of delivering and collecting oils via dedicated trucks has helped Cookers create a smart oil solution, which is not just commercially efficient for customers but also better for the environment.

Cookers complete oil management system ensures that used cooking oil is refined and recycled, saving it from making its way into streams & waterways. Their ethical system ascertains that oil is disposed in a responsible and efficient way. Whenever you see a Cookers truck out on the road, it has saved 300 tins of oil from making their way into landfill.

Along with being sustainable in their customer-centric operations, Cookers goes a step further to ensure that their national operations are also aligned with the same principles.

Initiatives such as harvesting and reusing rainwater at their sites, measuring and analyzing national GHG emissions, running fleet optimization strategies, and using a wind turbine at their head office to generate power, helps strengthen their commitment to eco-sustainability.

Managing Director Cookers, Peter Fitzgerald, “We have a saying at the company: lots of people talk about sustainability, we just do it. It’s the basic premise of our business.”

Being sustainable might seem like an ambitious goal for foodservice businesses, but it all comes down to the little details.

Choices can be made as a business and that’s what Cookers’ endeavors to do – make the right choices to minimise their and their customer’s impact on the environment.

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