From the farms of Victoria to the tables of Australia and beyond, Bulla leverages over a century of dairy experience in servicing the foodservice market.  

Looking for some more inspiration? Bulla have collaborated with Chocolate Queen and Bulla Ambassador Kirsten Tibballs to create a no-bake choc berry cheese cake pictured above.

“I love Bulla thickened cream as when I whip it, it holds perfectly,” says Tibballs. “When you’re piping, you can achieve a perfect finish and be confident that it is going to hold.”

Bulla thickened cream 5L

A great all-purpose 35 per cent milk fat cream with a rich flavour, the product is easy to whip, returns excellent yields, holds well after whipping due to the halal-approved gelatine, and resists cracking and bleeding. It can also be used in cooking as it copes well under heat during reduction.

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