In today’s fast-paced foodservice environment, time and efficiency is key in delivering valuable service to your customers. Having a bulk supply of high-quality cooking oil and a complete oil management system can improve your kitchen’s efficiency.

What is a complete cooking oil management system?

A complete oil management system streamlines the traditional methods of storing and handling oil in 20 litre drums and bag in box packaging.

From delivery of fresh cooking oil to the collection of your used cooking oil from your premise, this back of house service ensures a quick turn-around and convenience to floor staff and management.

One of the most innovative systems in the foodservice industry is Cookers’ Smart Oil Solution. Their full end-to-end service operates on a scheduled delivery run and collection, tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Fresh oil and used oil are stored in separate trucks to avoid any cross contamination. They can be distinguished by their colours – silver trucks deliver fresh cooking oil whilst blue trucks collect your used cooking oil. With a fleet of trucks and dedicated drivers nationwide, a steady supply of oil and reliable service gives you peace of mind.

Bulk oil and equipment to complement the complete system

Cookers offer a range of cooking oil suitable for different applications for you to choose from.

The fresh and used cooking oil are stored in separate equipment. These stainless steel, food grade storage units are manufactured locally and built to specifications to meet Australian standards.

The storage units are equipped with an electric pump, food-grade hose, filler nozzle and heavy-duty castor wheels. They’re mobile, user-friendly and available in various sizes to suit your kitchen space. The units also offer additional bench space for when kitchen space is restrictive.

An added bonus is Cookers offer their equipment on a free loan basis, so you only pay for your fresh cooking oil.

Why is this an effective system?

Cookers Smart Oil Solution not only streamlines your kitchen processes but enhances staff productivity, OH&S and reduces overall costs.

Through scheduled deliveries and collections, it removes the hassle of continually ordering fresh cooking oil, managing stock and storage space and handling used oil. Minimal handling is required from your staff, therefore reducing physical labour and risks of potential spills and accidents occurring.

The heavy lifting is taken care of by a professional team through best practice in oil management, offering convenience, consistency and a reliable service.

You’ll also gain a dedicated business development manager as a point of contact for support. This includes equipment training, handling service calls, shipment routines, and oil lifecycle testing to ensure your business is optimising its oil usage, saving you time and money.

For more information, visit their website or speak to one of their friendly staff on 1300 88 22 99.