One of the biggest headaches in preparing meals using fresh vegetables is the time, labour and waste involved in grading them to ensure quality, then cutting them to a consistent small size by hand. And with the current skills and staff shortages in foodservice, many foodservice operators are finding it increasingly difficult to allocate the necessary resources to get the job done.

Edgell has the perfect solution with new Edgell Bite-Sized Vegetable Mixes that come peeled, washed, blanched and pre-chopped, ready to use. Snap-frozen to lock in goodness and flavour, they come in consistent 10-15mm bite-sized cuts ideal for health and aged care, general catering, for use as baked goods fillings and more.

Unlike hand-prepared vegetables which deliver only around 75 per cent yield after you subtract the 25 per cent of waste from peels, ends and scraps, Edgell Bite-Sized Vegetable Mixes give you 100 per cent yield with zero preparation time.

And while hand-preparing a mix of fresh vegetables will set your business back an average of $23 per hour* in labour costs, with Edgell Bite-Sized Vegetable Mixes your labour cost drops down to nil.

You’ll also reap the benefits of the consistent pricing that frozen vegetables provide, as opposed to the seasonal price fluctuations of market vegetables – making it simpler to cost out your menu.

Developed with chefs and industry leaders, Edgell Bite-Sized Vegetable Mixes are a convenient, versatile solution for all commercial kitchens. Available in two varieties – Cauliflower, Broccoli and Carrot; and Carrot, Potato, Sweet Potato and Parsnip – they can be conveniently stored in the freezer until required, and cooked whenever you need small cut vegetables.

You can determine the final serve texture by adjusting cooking times to your preference – simply increase the cooking time for a softer, more tender serve.

Edgell Bite-Sized Vegetable Mixes come in cartons of 6 x 1.5kg poly bags. For more information contact your foodservice distributor or visit