The game changers in hospitality innovation, CTB AND CO. have released a new labelling solution, Sticky Dates, that is sure to save restaurant owners’ time, money and resources.

CTB AND CO.’s founder Andrew Briese is on a mission to change the way hospitality operates to ensure owners can keep their doors open and thrive in this time of uncertainty; “If owners and chefs can make small changes, such as updating their labelling system, this not only saves them time but also simplifies their processes, now and into the future.”

Sticky Dates’ flexible and fast label creation app makes it easier for kitchen staff to keep track of allergens, ingredients, dietary requirements and other factors that help minimise wastage and misunderstanding. The Sticky Dates app is paired with a compact thermal printer which uses food safe labels that are styled for the food and beverage industry.

Custom labelling made easy

Create labels with unlimited information such as product name, date, day of the week, time, prepared by or use by – the options are endless!

Save time by using hospitality-focused templates or store your own favourite custom designs to suit specific business needs.

Remove any unnecessary handwriting by creating labels with an easy-to-use interface and intuitive design features.

The mini printer can be utilised wirelessly from anywhere in your business and from any smart device including mobile, tablet or desktop.

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