Buffets offer plenty of choice to consumers – but there’s nothing like a crispy golden waffle to catch a diner’s eye.

The Australian Waffle Co. is proudly brought to you by Riviana Food Service and is known for its range of high-quality, locally made waffles.

When toasted, each product in the range features a crisp exterior and a delicious soft interior to the bite, ensuring a satisfying experience every time.

The range includes Brussels style waffles, which are the ideal canvas for a range of toppings. The rectangle shape leaves plenty of room for additions: think berries, fresh cream and syrup or an egg topped with tomatoes and Hollandaise.

The waffles can also replace toast or pancakes for diners looking for something a little different.

The Australian Waffle Co’s range also includes Homestyle Toasting waffles, which are round in shape and the perfect option for catering purposes.

Who could pass up a roving coconut-dipped ice-cream waffle sandwich or the classic combination of fried chicken and waffles on a serving plate?

The Australian Waffle Co. has a waffle for every occasion, so why not give them a try today or check out the recipe section for menu ideas?

For more information or to place an order, please contact your Riviana Food Service Sales Representative or free call 1800 814 800.