With pioneering, award-winning technology, Synergy grills are revolutionising the hospitality industry.

Through high power and low energy consumption, Synergy grills enable faster food preparation while significantly reducing energy costs when compared to equivalent grills on the market.

Read below to find out how a Synergy grill can level up your grilling game in your commercial kitchen.

Innovative cooking technologies

Synergy grills feature a range of cooking innovations you won’t find in other char grills on the market today, resulting in delicious product for your customers to enjoy!

  • Synergy grills use a patented award-winning gas burner system. The system utilises electronic ignition with flame protection probe – no thermocouple required!
  • Synergy’s heat capturing technology further enhances high heat to focus directly on the food, requiring less energy, while the combination of the natural ceramic heat bed and Vortex air technology ensures exceptional heat distribution.
  • The entire Synergy Trilogy range features SMART control technology and digital controller. The rapid heat-up function allows the unit to reach the perfect cooking temperature in just 30 minutes, after which point the Synergy grill will automatically default to your last heat setting. Each burner features independent heat regulation via the SMART digital controller and tactile buttons with 10 power settings.
  • The Synergy grill is far kinder to food. Fat is atomised whilst cooking on the grill, and less moisture is lost during cooking. This allows for natural oils to be returned to the food without causing the “black smoke”, soot flavour that is often associated with standard grills.
  • The Synergy grill is quick and easy to clean (no fat trays here!), by using a vacuum or brush to remove the remaining debris from the grill.

Protecting staff and the environment

  • Synergy grills create less “potent” smoke, as it caramelises the food. Staff work in a cleaner, less-polluted environment, whilst the extraction system works more efficiently and requires less cleaning due to the reduced emissions passing through the ventilation system.
  • Synergy grills significantly reduce CO² emissions with significantly less gas consumption.
  • Winner of the 2019 Footprint Award for Sustainable Catering Equipment, Synergy are the only gas grills that have gained accreditation from the Carbon Trust, a global organisation that is providing solutions for the world’s climate crisis.

What’s included?

Synergy Trilogy grills are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 cooking zone configurations.

The Synergy Trilogy char grills include a slow cook shelf for resting and multi-functional cooking, and a garnish rail for easy user access to garnishes and bastings.

Optional accessories that elevate the Synergy grilling experience include an added griddle plate, divider plate for eliminating food cross contamination, a resting shelf, rotisserie add-on, and a stainless-steel stand with undershelf to suit all Synergy grills.

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