What makes the first bite of a hot chip truly magic in the minds of customers? Crispiness, above all else.

But for Lamb Weston, the magic in the bite started over 70 years ago. It’s why today as the world’s leading global potato product manufacturer, Lamb Weston can offer a full range of Extra Crispy options for you to choose from.

Their perfect crispy fries offer your customers delicious golden magic in every bite, while opening up so many possibilities for your business.

With the online food delivery market in Australia expected to grow by 9 per cent annually [1] over the next four years, holding times on food has never been more important. Lamb Weston’s Extra Crispy chips stay that way for 30 minutes* so whether it’s for eat-in, drive through, take away or delivery, your customers will be assured of the best experience. 

Delicious on their own or dipped in a favourite sauce, Extra Crispy chips are also the perfect option for layering and loading – without the worry of losing that perfect crunch. 

Turning the humble potato into a moment of pure plate heaven, Lamb Weston have been delivering their high quality, deliciously crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside potato products for more than 70 years. Lamb Weston has grown to be the premier potato product and fries supplier for customers the world over. 

The Lamb Weston difference comes from their obsession with potatoes, their rich history, the love of possibility and their commitment to innovation. That’s the magic in every Lamb Weston bite.

Backed by the perfect combination of global experience and local Australian expertise, they draw on the knowledge that, just as the best recipes are made from the best ingredients, the best fries come from the best potatoes.  

Proudly calling themselves potato experts, Lamb Weston work closely with their growers right from the beginning, conducting research and sharing information to improve yields, increase productivity and profitability, and set new standards for potatoes and fries through every step of the journey.  

Lamb Weston’s local growers come from all around Australia, in regions renowned for growing some of the world’s finest potatoes. With the added benefit of offering a full range of locally grown and produced chips, as well as access to some of the world’s best imported products, there is something to suit every menu and every customer. 

Their product portfolio is extensive, covering classic chips, crinkle cut, shoestring, and sweet potato, as well as crunchy hash browns, wedges, or for those looking for something a little different for the menu: crisscut and twister fries. 

The fact is fries are the most popular food across generations.[2] So choosing the right ones can ensure a new customer becomes a returning one. 

With how pressure-packed operating a restaurant can be, Lamb Weston have got you covered on potatoes, so you can focus on all the other details.  

Discover the magic in Lamb Weston’s full product range at lambweston.com.au

[1] https://www.statista.com/outlook/dmo/online-food-delivery/australia

* The study on Lamb Weston’s Extra Crispy fries was conducted without packaging. Extra Crispy fries stay crispy for up to 30 minutes without packaging.

[2] NPD Generational Eating Report, October 2019