La Parisienne French-style croissants made with rich butter, have a golden brown crunchy crust on the outside, and are soft, airy and flaky inside.

Just thaw these frozen croissants in the refrigerator overnight and prove until doubled in size preferably in a proving cabinet. Then, bake for that delicious wafting buttery smell that your customers will love. The unbaked croissants available in this range include: large, mini and European-style.

The mini croissant is available in a carton of 120; the large croissant is available in a carton quantity of 90; and the European-style croissant is available in a carton quantity of 72.

Now also available are unbaked frozen chocolate croissants in a carton quantity of 40. Each croissant is crafted with protein-rich flour, layered with high-grade unsalted butter to ensure a light and flaky texture with a golden pastry. All croissants in this range need to be proved prior to baking.

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