The CB1000 Commercial Blender is the world’s first fully automatic blender. The new Commercial Blender from Kuvings is superfast, you just ‘plug and play’ – it’s totally driverless and while your staff are servicing your customers, let our new addition make easy work of delivering high quality blends.

It blends. It pulses. It vaccuums.

Unlock the potential and test drive the latest Kuvings Commercial Blender.  From smoothie bowls to dips, nut butters, fine purees, and soups, the CB1000 Commercial Blender takes all of the hard work out of making delicious food. The CB1000 Commercial Blender has five pre-programmed buttons and 37 recipe settings that will quickly make any order.

With a powerful 1700 watt adaptive motor that senses contents, it will maintain optimal speed on all ingredients. You can blend frozen fruits, fibrous vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole fruits – it will power through the toughest ingredients to deliver a smooth and vibrant blend each and every time.

Designed for perfection

With an asymmetrical base on the 1.4 litre capacity jug, foods are circulated and blended evenly – the result is a much smoother blend, and perfect taste. You can easily whip up a fresh sauce, pancakes, or soup in seconds and if you have cocktails or mocktails on your menu – it can easily combine ingredients that can be stored under vacuum, and will naturally maintain their vibrant colours, for easy and quick service.

With a fully programmable blend cycle – you will fall in love with the ease and power that the CB1000 Fully Automatic Commercial Blender delivers!

  • Want to make that perfect sauce with less pulsing and more mixing? You’ve got it.
  • Want a smoothie without vacuuming? You’ve got it.
  • Want to program the “quick start” button to make your most popular Acai Bowl in less than 1 minute– yep, you’ve got that too! 

The soundproof enclosure is operated with just one touch and ensures a quiet operation in settings where noise is an important consideration.

Not only that, with the lid down the jug is locked in place which will save you maintenance time and money because you won’t have to constantly replace drive couplings as you do on inferior machines from constant wear and tear of the jug being banged to blend ingredients!

Ease of cleaning is covered too! Even after the toughest blends, you simply add water and a tiny drop of soap to the jug and run the self-clean cycle and cleaning up has never been easier!

Customers wanted faster, stronger, and quieter and the CB1000 Commercial Blender has delivered.

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We can’t wait to show you all of the features it has – so, put us to the test and be blown away by how we can set you up for immediate success!

With over 40 years in this industry, we have the local expertise and solutions to help your business succeed.

And, if you already have a blender, then now it’s time to have a look at the latest blender on the block, the CHEF CB1000 Commercial Auto Blender by booking a demo in-store or via zoom. 

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Kuvings CB1000 Commercial Blender is Built for Business — buy now!