Amplify your business with our latest range of baked and unbaked sweet short crust pastry shells. Offering time-saving convenience and are ideal for lemon, jam, custard, chocolate or caramel tarts, family fruit flans, or fruit mince pies with Christmas-designed lids.

These premium quality shells are packed into ready-to-use foils and made with high-quality EOI Monarch vegetable margarine and premium Australian flour.

Both baked and unbaked frozen options are vegan and available in multiple convenient sizes to save you time, so all you need to do is add your desired fillings.

Sizing availability for both baked/unbaked options are 3’’, 4’’ and 7’’’ pastry shells as well as unbaked 2.75’’ pastry shells & lids.

To find out more about this new product range, please visit: or for further information, contact your local EOI or Peerless Foodservice representative on: 1800 986 499