Simplot Australia’s renowned Edgell plant-based range proudly features the Plant-Based Lamb Strips as one of its delicious offerings.

Developed to appeal to the growing flexitarian market as well as to people seeking more vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, Edgell Plant-Based Lamb Strips are versatile, flavoursome, and easy to prepare.

They can be served in wraps, rolls, as part of a rich lamb style casserole, or even in a plant-based gyros or as a pizza topping. Simply swap out traditional lamb for Edgell Plant-Based Lamb Strips in the recipe of your choice. However you choose to use the Plant-Based Lamb strips on your menu, you can guarantee your customers will appreciate the quality and flavour.

Edgell Plant-Based Lamb Strips are high in plant protein, low in saturated fat and boast a 4.0 health star rating. They can be easily seasoned and are adaptable to suit any cuisine.

They come conveniently packaged in 8x500kg format, providing you with the convenience of frozen storage and the opportunity to reduce food waste.

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