How to make Boston butt with Bull’s Eye BBQ mop sauce

The Mop Sauce is a culinary revolution. In Texan BBQ a mop sauce is used to help cool down the meat and lock in the flavour. Bull’s Eye Original BBQ sauce imparts a bold, smokey flavour while the Maillard reaction between sugars & proteins that occurs with heat, helps create a beautiful, caramelised colour. The mop is used to periodically baste the meat, perfect for a Boston butt or pork shoulder.

Meat Prep:

2-3kg Boston butt, bone in

20g seasoning mix from:

1 cup brown sugar

½ cup salt

4 tablespoons smoked paprika

2 tablespoons coarse black pepper

½ tablespoon cumin

½ tablespoon onion powder

½ tablespoon garlic powder 

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper 


Combine all seasoning ingredients together in a bowl.

Transfer seasoning mix to an airtight container (like a mason jar or other dry rub container). Will keep for up to a year if sealed tight and kept in a cool place.

Season your pork with salt & pepper, go wild here & feel free to freestyle, could also use onion & garlic powders as well as smoked paprika for extra flavours.

Mop sauce ingredients:

1 cup dark/strong coffee

1 tablespoon sugar

1 cup Bull’s Eye Original BBQ Sauce

1 full tablespoon fresh coarse ground black pepper

1 tablespoon Saxa Natural Sea Salt Flakes

1/4 cup butter

1/2 cup Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce


Mix everything together bar the butter, bring to the boil gently & whisk in cold cubed butter. Don’t be fooled by the sauce’s consistency, it’s designed to be less viscous than traditional sauces because it will permeate the meat, caramelise & repeat. Keep close to the joint of meat & periodically “mop”.


Cooking in a traditional oven is simple, get your oven to around ¾ of its max temp. Most ovens run at 280 degrees max, so aim for around 210 for the first half of the cook, then reduce the temperature down to around 100 degrees for the rest of the cook. Around 2 hours per kilo should be just about right.