The Big Easy Group has taken the Adelaide food scene by storm, launching six venues in quick succession, but they quickly found themselves in need of a way to streamline their apps. The occasional operational blunder would have been inevitable, but with some savvy business choices, they were able to make things “hiccup-free” – with a bit of help from Doshii.

Thanks to the early and enthusiastic adoption of tech and POS integrations, the self-proclaimed “good time providers” have assembled a system that gets their tech talking to each other and enables smart staffing decisions off the back of the perfect pairing of Doshii and their rostering app, Deputy.

“We’re tracking revenue against wages with the Doshii and Deputy POS integration into Impos, making sure we’re always delivering the best possible customer experience in each of our venues at any one time,” says Alex, co-founder and ops manager.

“Rostering is a headache,” Alex admits. “At the end of the day, you’re managing nearly 100 members of staff across six venues, and you can’t be in every venue feeling whether you’ve got it right or not. The last thing you want is a stretched team in one venue, and people twiddling thumbs in another, so when it comes to getting good data to make decisions for planning shifts it’s a no-brainer,” he adds.

Streamlining sales data in real-time through Doshii to Deputy allowed the Big Easy Group to serve up invaluable insights about their business and staffing requirements. The ability to use this data to make faster decisions about how best to optimise both their staff and their shift needs was a game changer for the dynamic group.

“Leveraging data is one of the most important opportunities for us as a business,” adds Jack, Big Easy Groups co-founder. “The more insight we have, the better, but to get there we need everything to be talking to each other – all of the apps, POS and everything in between. We essentially want one system to rule it all, and Doshii is helping to bridge the gap.”

In addition to Deputy’s rostering solution, The Big Easy Group also leverages Doshii’s Mr Yum integration across its venues; this connection into their POS has been essential in getting rid of any double-handling and associated errors when it comes to online and at-table ordering. In today’s contemporary hospitality landscape, putting ordering power in the hands of customers is increasingly desirable for patrons and venue owners alike.

“This is just another example of outsourcing some of the work to tech to make it easier for staff to focus on what really matters,” says Jack.

For Jack and Alex, “coffee and Campari” or “peaches and yoghurt” are flavour combo favourites, but as far as pairings go, Doshii and Deputy is “up there”.

“The Doshii team have just been brilliant to work with, always trying to improve and make our lives easier.”

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