According to recent research, Australians are forecast to spend $33.8 billion in pre-Christmas sales in the hospitality and food sectors.

Coupled with the news consumer confidence has been rising in consecutive weeks for the first time since September, the holiday period is looking rosy for the sector.

However, the boost in traffic may be bittersweet for some small business owners, who are still grappling with workforce shortages and the risks that come with it.

“The holiday season is the busiest time in the year for many small businesses,” says Sharon Kenny, BizCover’s head of marketing.

“Between the hustle and bustle, ensuring your business is protected this festive season and for the new year ahead is essential.”

Kenny says there are a few small risks small business owners in the hospitality sector may want to consider before the start of the silly season.

1. Influx of customers

Seasoned hospitality workers know what to expect at this time of year. But for the uninitiated, an endless stream of Christmas lunches, family get-togethers and end-of-year functions will begin to blur the days together.

With this rise in foot traffic comes the possibility of accidents or injuries. Small business owners are legally responsible for ensuring employees and the public are protected.

“Imagine if a customer tripped over and was hurt in your store. Do you have adequate coverage?” says Kenny.

From a misplaced chair becoming a tripping hazard to an inexperienced employee not leaving out a ‘wet floor’ sign, small business owners risk costly legal fees if a third party alleges that your negligent business activities caused them injury.

“Don’t let a public liability claim damage your business’ finances and reputation. Now is the time to ensure your Public Liability insurance is up to date.”

2. Increase in stock

While more customers mean more sales, with increased trading, you are likely to have more stock on your premises. You may even have bolstered your hospitality business with new equipment.

It’s important to ensure your physical assets are covered against loss at the level you currently hold,” says Kenny.

There are many business insurance cover options, each designed to protect different areas of your operations.

“From protecting your building and contents to safeguarding your operation if your business is interrupted or your fridge breaks down, the great thing about this insurance package is that it can be customised to suit your needs,” says Kenny.

“Don’t wait any longer. There is a whole menu of options when it comes to insurance for hospitality businesses.”

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