Choose state-of-the-art technology and propel your business with the Vispa XL’s new way to clean. Suitable for many floor types, this walk-behind scrubber is compact and reliable. Easily manoeuvrable in even the tightest and most congested spaces, this machine lifts stubborn dirt and grime in any setting.

It also packs a punch when it comes to scrubbing floors. Operators can expect powerful scrubbing, intuitive smooth handling, a selection of brush heads. Switch to ECO mode and you’ll save on energy and water consumption while controlling noise levels for a harmonious clean.

Having a clean business means putting your best foot forward with the Vispa XL — a powerful, cutting-edge floor scrubber, that is also extremely easy to use and highly manoeuvrable. This expert machine will fit perfectly into your existing range, becoming a new ally in maintenance cleaning operations in small and medium-sized spaces.

A 43 cm working width and an exclusive design make it perfect for those cluttered areas like storerooms, kitchens and plenty of other spaces. The Vispa XL is equipped with the same technology as larger models, enabling you to complete your fleet with a more compact, yet high-performance solution. Robust and reliable, the Vispa XL is also practical and easy to use making it suitable for cleaning many flooring surfaces found throughout different hotel facilities.

Applicable for maintenance cleaning of floors up to 1600 sq.m. this machine is also available in a battery-powered scrubbing version. The Vispa XL is available in the disc version with traction (BT) or without (B) or in the roto-orbital version with traction (BTO) making it tough when it comes to tackling the most stubborn dirt in high-traffic areas of your hotel.

The handlebars can be completely closed towards the machine body, enabling the scrubbing machine to be put away even in a small space and the height and tilt can be adjusted to guarantee maximum comfort for the operator, even during extended use. User-friendliness and simple maintenance make it perfect even for less experienced operators which means the machine can be used no matter which team is on during a shift.

The Vispa XL structure is made from polyethylene that is designed to protect all the mechanical parts and guarantees solidity and robustness. The parabolic squeegee which continuously follows the direction of the machine, even on bends, offers perfect scrubbing and drying results in any direction leaving your hotel floors sparkling clean, hygienic and safe for all.