Redefining the culture of cleanliness, Godfreys Commercial brings valuable professional solutions that help businesses boost hygiene and stay cleaner around the clock. Their range of expert cleaning machines has been used in different applications across many industries, including the hotel and hospitality sectors.

The Comac Innova family

The Innova range is a highly reputable group of versatile and easy to use ride-on floor scrubbers. Their compact dimensions and manoeuvrability allow them to be operated in even the most in congested areas.

Innova has always been a family of well-known machines that are appreciated for their reliability and performance across multiple sectors. Complying with high cleaning standards of hospitality, healthcare, public transport and retail, the popularity of these machines across the board is testament to their adaptability.

All Innova floor scrubbers are suitable for maintenance cleaning of floors up to 6,000 sqm and are available for manual or automatic operation.

In the manual version the squeegee and the brush head are controlled by two independent levers providing outstanding user-friendliness even when used by unskilled operators. The Innova M is available in versions with 60, 65, 75, 85 and 100 cm working width.

The automatic version is equipped with a working program selector making the use of the machine extremely intuitive. It allows users to choose the selection of four pre-set working programs including transfer, drying, scrubbing/drying or scrubbing only.

The automatic versions of Innova come as standard with the Eco Mode device, which guarantees a low noise level, making them ideal for daily use even in sensitive areas. These characteristics make them particularly suitable for working in environments like hotels, cafés, restaurants and bars where a lower decibel count means guests will never be disturbed.

Sustainable technology

Comac has always designed and manufactured highly competitive products with reduced environmental impact. Today, more than ever, thanks to the introduction of more innovative technologies, the Innova machines can optimise the use of resources by eliminating the waste of water, energy, detergent, reducing noise pollution and time dedicated to cleaning operations. Comac’s sustainable technologies respect the environment and get the user involved in responsible use of resources.

For more information on Comac’s Innova range of floor scrubbers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales representatives at Godfreys Commercial.