Hoshizaki takes pride in being a complete manufacturer and supplier of commercial refrigeration solutions and ice makers. Our extensive range of ice makers cater to diverse businesses and purposes, offering a comprehensive portfolio of options.

Our line-up of products includes a wide variety of ice makers, encompassing Cubers, Flakers, Nugget, and Crescent models. Additionally, we offer special ice makers that produce unique ice shapes, including ball ice and XXL cubes, to provide extraordinary options for your ice needs.

Hoshizaki ice machines are not limited to just bars, restaurants, supermarkets, and hotels. They are also widely used in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, laboratories, and research institutions worldwide.

IM SERIES | The durable and dependable high performers

Cubers and special ice makers

Ideal Industries: Restaurant, bars, cocktail lounges and hotel

  • Superior ice production, long-lasting performance.
  • Create crystal-clear, solid, slow-melting ice cubes.
  • Ideal for beverages and cocktails.
  • Consistently high-quality and pure ice cubes.
  • Rapidly produce large quantities of ice.

KM SERIES | The unique purity with an edge

Crescent ice makers

Ideal industries: Restaurant, bars, cocktail lounges, hotels, fast food restaurants and institutes.

  • Unique crescent or half-moon shape.
  • Crystal-clear, long-lasting ice.
  • Easy to store and handle.
  • High-quality and durable ice.
  • Ideal for various commercial settings – QSR environments.

FM SERIES | Maximum versatility for endless applications

Flake and nugget ice makers

Ideal industries: Restaurants, hotels, food processing and hospitals.

  • Small, soft, chewable.
  • Popular and versatile ice type.
  • Soft texture, flavour absorption.
  • Energy-efficient, slow-melting.
  • Cost-effective, durable option.

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