Getting the edge on the competition is what will keep your foodservice business ahead of the game.

This same philosophy is what drives the team at Edgell to continually develop innovative product solutions – the desire to maintain that competitive edge on which the Edgell brand has built its reputation.

Edgell is the nation’s only remaining large-scale frozen vegetable manufacturer, with produce sourced from more than 350 Australian farmers. Thanks to stringent quality assurance procedures, the Edgell brand delivers top quality every time. And with an industry leading research and development team, Edgell is able to capitalise upon global trends and create vegetable innovations to ensure your business will always have the edge on the others.

Edgell Australian-grown Sweet Potato Chips are a great example. Edgell has taken the time to develop the very best sweet potato chip on the market – using only Aussie-grown sweet potatoes, paired with Edgell’s world class delivery-style batter and seasoning to develop a chip whose distinctive savoury flavour profile and superior hold time is sure to satisfy your customers.

Catering HQ Managing Director Steve Sidd is a keen proponent of Edgell Sweet Potato Chips, utilising them across the dining outlets that Catering HQ operates at eight well-known clubs throughout the Sydney metro region.

“From a customer’s perspective, they’re perceived as a healthier choice,” Steve tells us, “so we offer them as an upgrade option with their fish and chips, as well as a bar snack and a side in our café outlets.

“The presentation is terrific – they look great with an appealing vibrant colour, they don’t go soggy or discolour during holding but stay nice and crisp, and they taste great with a good quality dipping sauce like our Chipotle Mayo.

“The fact that they’re an Australian made product just underscores their appeal.”

The crispy batter and perfect savoury seasoning ensures Edgell Sweet Potato Chips hit the flavour sweet spot, while their 10mm cut delivers great yield along with all the flavour intensity of a thicker chip while ensuring also quick cook time and good temperature retention.

Boasting a longer hold time than any comparable sweet potato product on the market, Edgell Sweet Potato Chips are set to put an end to soggy sweet potato chips and a smile on your customers’ faces – and are certain to give your business the edge!

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