Introducing Edgell guacamole, a fantastic new premium product that comes ready to use.

Edgell guacamole is an excellent time-saving option for cafes, restaurants, pubs, and clubs. Made from 100 per cent Hass avocados, Edgell guacamole eliminates the hassle and cost of scratch-made offerings.

Unlike competitor products, Edgell guacamole is made from all natural ingredients to deliver superior taste and texture. It contains no gums, thickeners or colours, and is also free from coriander.

Edgell guacamole has a frozen shelf life of 18 months. To use, simply thaw overnight and pipe straight from the pouch onto your dish. The pouch can be resealed after use to ensure it stays fresh as long as possible**.

Avocado consumption continues to grow year on year in Australia*. However, the relatively short window of freshness, combined with seasonal pricing, quality fluctuations, the high yield loss once peeled and pitted, plus the time and labour it takes to make guacamole from scratch, can make it a drawn-out and expensive exercise.

Edgell guacamole is a cost-effective alternative which offers an authentic menu solution without compromising on presentation, texture or taste. Perfectly seasoned, with a mild flavour and authentic texture, it gives you the assurance of being able to include guacamole on the menu all year round, thanks to its consistent quality.

Gluten free, dairy free and suitable for vegans, it comes in convenient 454g pouches (12 per carton) designed to be easy to stack in the freezer and to minimise waste.

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* From data supplied by Avocados Australia.

** Keep product refrigerated once opened and use within three days of thawing.