CPF Australia has introduced its Fully Cooked Boneless Fried Duck.

Elevate your menu with a burst of flavour using this versatile, quick-to-heat protein. Customise and innovate to craft unique dishes. Transform one ingredient into multiple menu highlights and enjoy the convenience of a long shelf life and quick serving with this frozen cooked duck.

“Our range of CP Authentic Asia ready-to-heat Duck products have been developed with authenticity, simplicity and flavour in mind,” CPF Australian General Manager Andrew Turner said.

“These products offer easy alternatives for pubs, clubs and restaurants that are looking for something special on their menus, whilst offering speed, versatility, consistency and most importantly value.”

Show versatility of the product with four different recipes:  

Duck san choi bao

Crunchy and saucy little lettuce parcels filled with wok tossed duck, chestnut, beansprouts and carrots.

Crunchy Vietnamese duck salad

Refreshing crunchy salad filled with lots of duck, shredded carrot, daikon and cucumber with lots of fresh herbs and a traditional sweet and tangy fish sauce. 

Duck and mushroom pasta

A rich and decadent pasta with deep intensity and flavour of slow cooked duck and mushrooms. 

Red duck curry 

A decadent coconut curry with a balanced medley of sweet, spicy, sour and salty flavours filled with crispy skin duck and aromatic Thai herbs. 

Make every order extraordinary, delight your customers and tantalise their tastebuds today with CP Authentic Asia Duck products!