The new Benchmark washing machines Thanks to Miele Professional’s proverbial quality, Benchmark washing machines are designed to perform to perfection for over 30,000 hours of operation.

Intuitive controls and individual settings streamline processes and offer maximum security for users. Program packages with short cycles specifically designed to deal with standard and special-purpose applications produce excellent results while using resources sparingly.

Combining digital interfaces and new technologies, Benchmark washing machines are the perfectly balanced solution for large loads and multiple cycles per day.

The new Benchmark dryers Even after 20,000 hours of constant strain, Benchmark dryers still achieve drying times which are close to the physical limit without compromising the first-class care of fabrics.

Alongside the gentle care of laundry and low energy consumption, the combination of the new controls, the smart interfaces, its patented systems such as AirRecycling Flex
and PerfectDry and robust, maintenance-free technology ensures spot-on drying and sets new standards in terms of cycle times.