Pura Sun Ultra Hi-Oleic sunflower oil from Peerless Foodservice is a superior quality 100% high oleic sunflower oil that is distinguished from other oils by its impressive multi-purpose use and outstanding, cost-effective fry life.

  • Superior deep frying and shallow or pan frying: With a very long and superior fry-life, Pura Sun Ultra Hi-Oleic sunflower oil consistently delivers exceptional deep frying performance. Its high smoke point and excellent stability, seals food more efficiently locking in the flavour, making it also ideal for shallow or pan frying.
  • Dressings and vinaigrettes: As well as deep and shallow frying, Pura Sun Ultra can be used for delicate applications like dressings, vinaigrettes, purees, marinades and mayonnaise, making it the ultimate multipurpose oil.
  • A healthier choice: With low saturated fat and high mono-unsaturated fat (good fats), Pura Sun Ultra is virtually trans-fat free and is also Halal certified.

From deep frying to dressings and sauces, Pura Sun Ultra Hi-Oleic sunflower oil offers pure versatility!

Available in 20 litre tins, Pura Sun Ultra Hi-Oleic sunflower oil represents excellence in versatility and fry life, as well as value for money.

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