Founded in 1899, Kagome’s dedication to crafting the highest-quality tomato products has been unwavering. As the nation’s largest tomato processor, we have consistently delivered exceptional quality.

The sun-kissed soil of the Echuca region is where our Australian story unfolds. From seed to harvest, we’ve always been there, ensuring each product delivers the robust, natural flavours you know and love.

At Kagome, we believe the secret to delicious meals is simple: start with the best nature has to offer, which is the promise we deliver to commercial kitchens with every product.

Discover the essence of nature’s goodness with all your favourite Kagome products:

  • Pulpy crushed tomato
  • Pizza sauce
  • Chunky Napoli sauce
  • Tomato sauce

Pulpy crushed tomato

Our Pulpy crushed tomato is a blend of tomato passata and diced tomato. This product is made with a unique tomato variety and has a pulpy texture with a premium fresh tomato flavour. The perfect start or base for soups, red sauces, and many more dishes.

Pizza sauce
An Italian-style pizza sauce made in combination with smooth tomato passata and crushed diced tomato and a custom seasoning blend of herbs and spices. This product is made with a unique tomato variety delivering a fresh tomato flavour, and consistency. Perfect for multi-purposing and ready to use.

Chunky Napoli
A delicious chunky Napoli sauce made with smooth tomato puree and diced tomato, in combination with diced onion and a custom blend of herbs and spices. Ready to use and ideal as a pasta stir-through sauce, parmigiana, or chunky pizza sauce.

Tomato ketchup
A delicious traditional tomato ketchup, made with 100 per cent Australian-grown tomatoes. The perfect condiment to accompany many different cuisines.

Our premium foodservice range brings you pure, full-flavored natural goodness.

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