Dark couverture chocolate croissants, mixed fruit Danishes, or escargot with plump sultanas and rich vanilla custard. Each pastry is unbaked and frozen, ready to proof and bake on demand to ensure ultimate freshness.


Made with Australian flour and layered with premium quality butter, these light, flaky pastries are filled with creamy vanilla custard and topped with either apples, blueberries or apricots. Our mixed cartons are available in three convenient sizes: Mini Squares (carton qty: mixed 720, Large Squares (carton qty: mixed 60), Boats (carton qty: mixed 72).

Chocolate Croissants

Made with Australian flour and layered with premium quality butter to produce a light, flaky and golden texture. Then rolled and filled with rich dark couverture chocolate. Carton qty: 40


Frozen flaky pastry swirled with a rich vanilla custard and plump sultanas. Finish off with a fruit glaze, fondant or icing sugar. Carton qty: 40

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