Bega Foodservice produces a range of high-quality cheese slices under the iconic Dairy Farmers brand. 

The range has been developed with versatility of application in mind to meet the discerning needs of Australia’s foodservice professionals by providing product solutions which deliver consistent results in commercial kitchens, while cutting down on labour cost and preparation time.

Dairy Farmers cheese slices are available in a variety of styles to suit the most popular foodservice applications.

Dairy Farmers Burger Slices are the perfect fit for burger buns, consistently sized and deliciously creamy, with an even melt to ensure customer satisfaction thanks to a flavourful taste experience. 

Dairy Farmers Hi-Melt Burger Slices feature a high melting point and uniform thickness, making them capable of withstanding the hottest cooking environments while retaining stretch and appealing texture. 

For quick and easy sandwich preparation in lunch bars, takeaways, cafes and delis, Dairy Farmers Ready Cut Sandwich Slices and Dairy Farmers Super Value Sandwich Slices are perfectly packed for convenience – with the classic cheddar flavour and colouration that satisfies your customers and keeps them coming back.

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