Cleaning can seem like a simple endeavour. After all, a bucket and mop can clean almost any facility. But if you want your cleaning to be effective and efficient – reducing time and cost – you need something that’s actually built for the task.

That’s where the Innova range of ride-on floor scrubbers from Comac comes in.

Comprised of three machines – the Innova 55B, 65B and 85B – these battery-powered scrubbers are robust yet compact, ideal for maintenance cleaning in tight and congested areas up to 3,500 sqm.

So you can expect great results in an efficient and cost-effective time frame.

Introducing the Innova family

Innova floor scrubbers are well-known for their reliability and performance, delivering effective and efficient cleaning to businesses across the hospitality sector.

The smallest model, the Innova 55B, has the same dimensions as a standard walk-behind model. This offers an equally manoeuvrable and compact cleaner, but one that is twice as fast and can scrub more square meters in the same amount of time.

That means fewer man-hours on the job, freeing up time and money for other areas of the business.

The larger 65B and 85B models remain equally appropriate for tight and congested cleaning – thanks to an adjustable working width and a tight turning diameter, which allows you to manoeuvre in cramped spaces – while also offering added features like different brush head sizes and broader working capacity.

Designed with versatility and ease of use at their forefront, each machine in the Innova range has simple intuitive controls with light and smooth steering to drastically improve handling. The seat is accessible from both sides of the machine and a low centre of gravity provides outstanding stability during operation.

Importantly, all models feature an excellent eco mode, which not only reduces energy consumption but significantly lowers noise output. This means you can comfortably clean at a time that suits you, without disrupting guests, patrons and other staff members.

Furthermore, the Innova family’s Start&Stop system halts water flow and brush motion whenever the machine is idle, further improving efficiency.

These initiatives and features mean that with an Innova ride-on scrubber you can expect a drastic reduction in cleaning costs compared to other cleaning methods.

The Godfreys Commercial difference

Here at Godfreys commercial, we do everything we can to ensure risk-free decision-making. Not only do we go the extra mile to narrow down the exact machine(s) that’s right for you, but we offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

That means you have the time to really get to know your new machine.

We also provide on-site training, so that you and your staff know your way around the machine and can provide the best daily maintenance and care, minimising operator fault, downtime, and unexpected costs.

If you’re in the market for commercial cleaning solutions, such as the Innova range, talk to Godfreys commercial today.