The classic hot chip is universally loved by Australian consumers as a side dish or snack, with 68 per cent describing the timeless potato product as one of their favourite foods[1]. The hot chip legendary mouthful has long been considered as crispy and crunchy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside; that’s the magic in every Lamb Weston bite.

While our collective obsession with hot chips (pre-seasoned, beer battered, straight, thicker cut) continues to play out in hospitality venues, consumers are now open to exploring and enjoying new types of chips and ways to eat them. 

An appetite for a diverse selection of chips presents an opportunity for operators to expand their chip offerings, which is why global potato product manufacturer Lamb Weston has introduced a range of formed potato products that can help transform your business one bite at a time.

Versatile as a snack or a breakfast side, oval hash brown patties are easy to cook and deliver a perfect crunch.

If you are looking for a chip with a unique (literal) twist, Seasoned Twister® fries and beer battered onion rings are instant crowd pleasers. Golden Bite premium potato cakes are equally as appealing.

The savoury options come in convenient sizes and bring together all the comforting qualities of a more traditional hot chip, while satisfying customer demands for something a little different. In fact, most Australians want restaurants to provide more options[1]

Only three in 10 consumers believe the chips they order at restaurants all taste the same, suggesting consumers are well-versed at recognising the different qualities of chips options[1]

The Lamb Weston magic is a culmination of more than 70 years of experience, innovation, and partnership. All about potatoes and fry, Lamb Weston is the go-to for product care and consistency, supplying the highest-quality frozen food to restaurants around the world. For chefs, the preference for frozen potato products over fresh is about less moisture and more crunch down the line. That’s the magic in the bite.

With the current overwhelming openness to new chip types by consumers, there is room for innovation among operators. Creativity and experimentation with chip seasonings, toppings, and sauces will excite Australians attending hospitality venues.

It’s clear consumers love hot chips and they’re getting more serious and discerning about finding the perfect chip. The question is, are you putting your hospitality venue in the best position to capitalise on our national craving for new types of chips?

Set your menu apart and discover the magic in every bite. View Lamb Weston’s full produce range here:

[1] 2024 Consumer Research: Fried Attitudes and Usage: Australia