For most customers, grabbing a coffee is part of their morning routine. It could be that they are on their commute or on the way home from doing some exercise, or maybe they are stepping out to grab their coffee before they work from home.  So, why not make it easy for them to also grab a delicious bottle of cold pressed juice?

With a Kuvings Master Chef CS700 Commercial Cold Press Juicer you can offer pre-bottled juice so your customers can ‘grab n go’ or if you are set up for it, you can make them on the run as your customers demand. 

The Master Chef CS700 Commercial Cold Press Juicer is designed to meet the demands of a commercial environment.  

  • Built For business – juices whole fruits, veggies and leafy greens with ease 
  • Less cutting – save on prep time with its wide feeding chute 
  • More juice – maximum yield so you get more juice from your produce = more profit 
  • Best tasting – our cold pressed juice is unmatched in the marketplace 
  • Powerful motor – easily producing 40-60 litres of cold pressed juice per hour 
  • Super quiet – not distracting or noisy for your customers or staff 
  • Easy to clean – rinses clean under the tap and stainless-steel bowl is dishwasher safe 
  • Built to last – manufactured in Korea with 5 years warranty on the motor and 1 year on parts 

Healthy juice for summer

We all know that juices and smoothies have mass appeal due to the increase interest in wellness. If the past few years have taught us anything, they have taught us to put more focus on our health and cold pressed juice is a substantial contributor to that!

When we press fruit and vegetables in a cold press juice machine, we retain all of the natural vitamins and minerals that actually get destroyed in a juice machine with metal spinning blades. Which means that cold pressed juice is an easy way for your customers to enjoy their daily dose of plant-based vitamins and minerals and a highly profitable item for you to have in your business!

Cold pressed juice has the added benefit of a longer fridge-life due to the fact that no oxygen is sucked into a cold press juicer to make the juice, this means that if stored in glass bottles in the fridge, you can easily store your cold pressed juice for 3 days.

“Great addition to my café” 

The Kuvings Cold Press Juicers have been a great addition to my cafes. So far I have purchased 4 machines per store with great success. I am very satisfied with the quality of these machines and very impressed with the after the sales service. I would highly recommend the Kuvings Cold Press Juicer to anyone for either commercial or domestic use.  ~ Angelo T 

Want to know more?

Our commercial team has first-hand expertise to help guide you with recipes and bottling solutions, we also provide an extensive online juicing course with over 200 recipes to help train your staff as well as personalised service and training to assist you.  

For more information go to or call 02 97980586 to book a demonstration.