How chefs can use the iconic Chiko Roll on the menu with these recipes

First sold in the 1950s, the famous Chiko Roll is an Aussie icon that has stood the test of time and is just as highly sought after by consumers today as ever. Now a new generation of chefs are reimagining the much loved favourite by capitalising upon Chiko’s fantastic versatility.

There are so many ways to present and serve Chiko and chefs are keen to take up the challenge, flexing their creative muscles to showcase how it can be used as the base for a wide variety of toppings to create an authentic point of difference on the menu.

One way to do this is by building upon the classic Chiko presentation – such as serving a loaded Chiko centre of plate, with on-trend complementary flavours like chipotle mayo, avocado pulp, pickled jalapenos, bacon, coriander, and a side of hot chips.

A further innovative approach is to cut up Chiko into bite-sized pieces – encapsulating the popular trend of ‘deconstructing’ iconic foods only to re-present them in a new format. Again, the Chiko is accompanied by suitable umami flavour combos such as sour cream, mushroom, and cheese. When it comes to what you can do with Chiko, the only real limit is that of your imagination!

And of course, Chiko remains ideal to serve in its original fashion as a one-handed grab and go snack – thanks to its tasty savoury filling in golden crunchy casing, and its iconic serving bag packaging which has long made it a mainstay at takeaways, sports, and entertainment catering and fast-food outlets across the country. Chiko is easy to prepare by simply cooking from frozen and its superior hold time makes it an ideal addition to the menu.

For more inspiration on how to elevate the much-loved Chiko Roll on your menu, try these terrific recipe inspirations today .

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